• About CodersMania

    CodersMania “Codersmania” is an organization formed by conjuction of two words “Coders” i.e. a group of people who writes software code,implementing their ideas to make them real and “Mania” means freak , crazy people, crazy for coding.

    Thus as the name makes it clear CodersMania is an organization involving to bridge the gap between ideas and finished products.

  • ENTERPRISE Innovation

    Usage of latest tools and technologies to build projects and applications as to ensure development of Quality product.

    Our Innovation is closly linked with satisfied customers and developing products considering the requirement of our client at each and every step.

  • "Lets Code And Build Together"

    At CodersMania we follow our slogan to code and build together and thus creating a healthy Environment Altogether.


Services Overview

We effectively provide web based services and application development services.Our arena extends from developing small projects to big projects.
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Business Planning

Want to plan out a perfect Business? Plan it with us. Or want any help regarding your projects? Just ask us. We would gladly help in turning your Ideas into Reality. Just fill the contact form in our Contacts section and we would reach out to you.
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Who are we ?

Not sure about who are we ? Just know our ideas , aims and motives in our About Us section and give us an opportunity to serve you.
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